What Types of Companies Can Do Home Deck Installation?

When it comes to installing a deck, there are a variety of company types that provide these services. Knowing their specialties and what they bring to the table can help you make an informed decision when choosing which one will be best for you. Tailoring a good deck installations contractor for your home will give you secured and furnished home decks.

Here are some types of companies you can consider for home deck installation:

  • General Contractors. General contractors have the ability to manage the entire project from start to finish. They handle everything from design to construction to clean-up, often sub-contracting various parts of the job to specialists as needed. On-site managers play a key role in coordinating various aspects of the construction process, including planning and supervising.
  • Landscaping Companies. Some landscaping companies offer deck installation as part of their comprehensive outdoor space design services. These companies are excellent if you want a deck that visually integrates with your lawn and other landscape elements.
  • Decking Specialists. Decks may be attached to houses and serve a wide variety of functions, including relaxing or entertaining. Decking repair companies focus on repairing and installing wood decks. They have access to a variety of materials that can make your deck look good as new
  • Home Improvement Centers. Large home improvement stores often offer deck installations services using their own in-house staff or affiliated contractors. These services may be less personalized, but can cost less than hiring a private contractor directly.
  • Handyman Services. Some handyman services offer deck installations, but it’s important to verify their experience level. While this can be a budget-friendly option, it is possible that they may lack the skills required for larger projects.
  • Carpentry Companies. Carpentry is a versatile trade that can be used to create, install, and repair a variety of structures and components. Carpenters are in demand to build houses or make furniture–and there are many other possibilities!
  • Builders and Construction Companies. Deck installations is a job best left to the pros. If you’re looking to add a deck to your home, many construction companies and homebuilders have the expertise needed to get the job done right. You might also consider hiring a general contractor to oversee the entire project.

Before choosing a contractor, check reviews, references and their portfolio of previous projects. Also, compare quotes from different companies to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Finally, ensure they are licensed and insured to avoid potential issues down the road.